The EUF brochure is available for multi-lingual download via the links below.

The brochure is designed to be printed as a three-fold A4 flyer with the explanatory text panels on one side and the 'poster' image on the reverse.

This design enables it to be also used in single side surface display mode.

'Printer ready' versions including print crop marks are also downloadable.

The downloads are in Adobe PDF format, for a free copy of Adobe PDF Acrobat Reader please visit or download via the link located at the bottom of the page.

Please click on the link you require:

EUF CB 2012 Danish Brochure - Danish

EUF CB 2012 Dutch Brochure - Dutch

EUF CB 2012 English Brochure - English

EUF CB 2012 Estonian Brochure - Estonian

EUF CB 2012 Finnish Brochure - Finnish

EUF CB 2012 French Brochure - French

EUF CB 2012 German Brochure - German

EUF CB 2012 Italian Brochure - Italian

EUF CB 2012 Norwegian Brochure - Norwegian

EUF CB 2012 Russian Brochure - Russian

EUF CB 2012 Spanish Brochure - Spanish

EUF CB 2012 Swedish Brochure - Swedish

Below are further downloadable PDF files of the brochures, these include crop marks used in printing.

EUF 12 Danish Print Ready - Danish

EUF 12 Dutch Print Ready - Dutch

EUF 12 English Print Ready - English

EUF 12 Estonian Print Ready - Estonian

EUF 12 Finnish Print Ready - Finnish

EUF 12 French Print Ready - French

EUF 12 German Print Ready - German

EUF 12 Italian Print Ready - Italian

EUF 12 Norwegian Print Ready - Norwegian

EUF 12 Russian Print Ready - Russian

EUF 12 Spanish Print Ready - Spanish

EUF 12 Swedish Print Ready - Swedish