22 January 2017

EUF Lavanchy Award presentationEUF Lavanchy Award presentationEUF Lavanchy Award presentationEUF Lavanchy Award presentationEUF Lavanchy Award presentation

VDST hosted the EUF Award Ceremony at the Dusseldorf BOOT exhibition. General Secretary Deric Ellerby was presented with the EUF Lavanchy Award by President Mark Caney. It was the first time this annual recognition to an individual who has made a significant and sustained contribution towards the responsible development of the European diving community has been awarded.

3 December 2016

EUF members

The EUF held its General Assembly in Vienna, hosted by AS+ with some 24 attendees representing 19 organisations. The next meeting is planned for June 2017 hosted by Actinia at the RAF Club, London.

18 June 2016

EUF membersEUF membersEUF members

The EUF held its General Assembly in Montegrotto Termi, Italy at the Y40 Dive Centre, hosted by DAN. The sad loss of our Vice President Jack Lavanchy was noted and a unanimous decision was made to create a memorial Award in his honour. After completion of business delegates were able to experience diving in the on site 42 metre thermal pool and assist in dive data collection by the DAN researchers. Attendees representing Actinia, ADAI, AS+, BSAC, CMAS EU, DAN EU, FIAS, IAC, NAUI, NDL Russia, NELOS/FEBRAS, PADI, PDA, RSTC Europe, TIDF, TSVO and VDST were present. The next meeting will be held in Vienna in December 2016.

28 November 2015

EUF members

The EUF held its General Assembly in Vienna and 32 delegates attended representing Actinia, ADAI, AS+, BSAC, CMAS EU, CMAS, DAN EU, FIAS, IAC, NAUI, NDL Russia, NELOS/FEBRAS, PADI, PDA, RSTC Europe, TIDF, TSVO and VDST. The elections were held during the meeting and the following board members were appointed for the next three years: Deric Ellerby (General Secretary) Mark Caney (President) Martin Denison (Treasurer) Michael Frenzel (CMAS Europe Delegate) Oliver Mielke (RSTC Europe Delegate) Steffen Scholz (Non-profit Distributing Organisations' Delegate). The next meeting will be held in Italy in June 2016.

15 June 2013
The next General Assembly will be held in Tallinn, hosted by NDL Nord. It will follow the ISO meeting reviewing diver and instructor standards.

01 December 2012

EUF members

The elective General Assembly held in Vienna, hosted by AS+Cert took place 1 December 2012. The Board for the next three years is President - Wolfgang Mehl (FIAS), CMAS EU - Michael Frenzel, RSTC EU - Oliver Mielke, Board Members - Mark Caney (PADI) and Steffen Scholtz (VDST), Treasurer - Martin Denison (IAS) and General Secretary - Deric Ellerby (BSAC).

By acclaim Jack Lavanchy was elected Honorary Vice President in recognition of his unique contribution to the European Underwater Federation.

June 2012

EUF members

Helsinki was the venue for the General Assembly. The meeting was very productive; some of the delegates also took the opportunity of their visit to go for a dive on a local historic wreck site.

December 2011

The General Assembly was held in Vienna and was very well attended. Jean-Louis Blanchard, President of CMAS Europe became the new EUF delegate from CMAS Europe and took up a seat on the Executive Board.

June 2011
A meeting took place in Essen, Germany. The main subject of the meeting was a report on EUF’s efforts in representing its members interests in Spain in the light of the new regulations there.

December 2010
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, was the venue for this meeting. There had been a series of shark attacks locally just before the meeting and that was discussed at the time. The EUF members were very impressed with the efforts of the Egyptian CDWS to regulate the local diving industry.

June 2010
A meeting was held of ISO TC 228/WG 1 in Vienna on 10th/11th June where the meeting primarily focused on the drafting of the new Gas Blender standard. The next day, the EUF held its General Assembly at the same venue. The EUF published new insurance guidelines for divers and Michael Hansen was appointed as a new EUF liaison officer to EUF Certifications International, he joins Mark Caney in this role.

December 2009
In the EUF General Assembly held on 12th December 2009 in Amsterdam, the EUF members elected their Executive Board members who will serve until the end of 2012. Mark Caney was elected President, Deric Ellerby continues as Secretary, and Martin Denison as Treasurer. The other board members are Michael Hansen, Jack Lavanchy (representing RSTC Europe) and John Remue (representing CMAS Europe). The meeting was the largest to date for the organisation as a number of new bodies have expressed a desire to be included in this important forum.

June 2009
An ISO meeting took place in Roskilde, Denmark to discuss the new Snorkel Guide and Snorkel Excursion standard. Immediately afterwards, the EUF General Assembly was held at the same venue, where one of the main topics of discussion was Diver Insurance. The next meeting will be in December in Amsterdam.

December 2008
The EUF General Assembly took place in Vienna, Austria. PADI Nordic was accepted as a member of EUF. The membership agreed that from 2010, the Executive Board will serve for a period of three years instead of the present two years.

June 2008
The EUF General Assembly was held in Dublin. Two members of the EUF executive board were appointed as liason officers to EUF Certifications International.

December 2007
The EUF General Assembly was held in December 2007 in Almelo. During the meeting the EUF members elected the Executive Board members who will serve for the next two years. For this period, the President is elected from the non-profit distributing bodies and Michael Hansen was elected to that position with Mark Caney, Martin Denison, Jack Lavanchy, Don McGlinchey and John Remue elected as Board members. Deric Ellerby was co-opted as Secretary.

June 2007
The EUF General Assembly met in Bristol, UK. CMAS Europe was welcomed as a member, and John Remue, President of CMAS Europe, joined the Executive Board of EUF. The International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD), the European office of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and the Russian based National Dive League (NDL) achieve EUF Certification.

May 2007
The members of CMAS Europe vote that CMAS Europe should join EUF during their General Assembly in Rome.

March 2007
The Hellenic Federation for Underwater Activities, Sportsfishing & Finswimming (EOYDATK) obtains EUF Certification.

February 2007
The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) obtains EUF Certification.

January 2007
The Professional Diving Association (PDA) and the Irish Underwater Council/Comhairle Fo-Thuinn (CFT) obtain EUF Certification.

December 2006
The EUF General Assembly met in Amsterdam to vote on important changes to the organisation's Articles of Association including classifications of membership.

September 2006
Mark Caney, President of EUF, met with the Board of CMAS Europe in Vienna.

June 2006
EUF General Assembly held this month in Milan, Italy.

April 2006
Scuba Diving International's European Offices have passed the EUF Certification process, making it the tenth international training organisation to achieve this coveted recognition. EUF Certification is proof that a training organisation does meet the demanding requirements of the European Standards and is only achieved after a rigorous quality assurance process carried out by independent auditors.

Feb 2006
A new law concerning diving in Greece has come into force. This new law removes the main obstacles in the way of the development of the diving business and diving tourism in Greece.

Diving is now allowed throughout the country except for some specific areas and conditions. The law makes it possible for any training organisation to be recognised by the Greek authorities and for their instructors and dive guides to work officially in Greece.

An important legal requirement set down by the Greek authorities is that only training organisations that have been certified by the EUF Certification Body can apply to be recognised in the country.

Jan 2006
In the EUF General Assembly held in December 2005 in Frankfurt, the EUF members elected their Executive Board members who will serve for the next two years. Mark Caney was elected President with Martin Denison, Deric Ellerby, Jack Lavanchy and Don McGlinchey elected as Board members.