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The EUF directly or indirectly represents the European diver training organisations, including both non-profit and profit distributing bodies.

The EUF condemns the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia. In response, EUF will not plan any events in Russia, partake in any sporting events with Russia or Belarus, or consider any applications from Russian or Belarus organisations until further notice. See MoreSee Less
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The EUF website has just been upgraded and improved – visit to learn about what we do, how we operate, and how to be a member. See MoreSee Less
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Many diver training organisations have been independently audited to confirm that they comply with the ISO standards for recreational diving by EUF Certification International.Anyone can check the database to see if a training organisation is currently approved. To so, follow these steps:1. Visit this link:… 2. Select the righthand button: “Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Managementsysteme, Überwachungszertifikate gemäß DSGVO Art. 40” (Products, Services, Management systems, Certificates of monitoring acc. to GDPR Art. 40)3. Enter “ISO 24802-2” in the “Standard” field4. All the currently approved training organisations will then be listed See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Another meeting concluded on 18 May 2022 of the working group designing training standards for scientific divers. The initial drafts of the first two levels are complete, and the delegates are now working on the third and last level. See MoreSee Less
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Mark Caney, president of the EUF, presented John Geurts with the prestigious EUF Lavanchy Award yesterday during the meeting in Eilat, Israel. John is a very deserving recipient, who has done an enormous amount of work for divers in Europe, particularly in the fields of conservation and diving medicine. See MoreSee Less
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