Besides our interest in matters directly related to recreational diving, pursuance of our sport often involves other activities. An example of this is the dependence of recreational divers on surface craft as a means of transport to and from dive sites. Here our interests cover the following areas of usage:

  • Small boats owned and operated by individual divers, instructors or schools. 
  • Small boats owned and operated by groups of divers (Clubs). 
  • Day boats hired by divers, instructors or schools. 
  • Live on board vessels chartered by divers, instructors or schools. 
  • Vessels operated by dive schools. 
  • Recompression facilities used for training or therapeutic treatment of divers. 

EUF would wish to be consulted and involved in the drafting of regulation or legislation covering the operation of such craft, including licensing and inspection of the craft and ancillary equipment, and competence of the operator, especially in areas specific to diving operations.