The member organisations of the European Underwater Federation directly represent over:

  • 3,000,000 divers
  • 5,000 clubs
  • 60,000 diving instructors
  • 2,500 diving schools

Recreational diving activities account for an estimated direct turnover of some 1,400 Million Euro per annum, plus an indirect travel and tourism market value of around 520 Million Euro.

EUF is registered in the UK as a company limited by guarantee – a non-profit organisation. Member organisations are represented by council delegates who decide policy matters and elect executive officers to carry out these policies, each full member organisation carrying one vote.

Day-to-day operation is in the hands of the EUF Executive Board, consisting of six elected directors including the President, Treasurer and Secretary General.

CMAS Europe and RSTC Europe each put forward one director with the elective council approving them and choosing another four, the Board serving a three-year term.  

Articles of Association

Rules & Bylaws (these may change occasionally, contact the Secretary for the most up-to-date version) 

EUF Application Form (for application fees see ‘Rules & Bylaws’ above)  

EUF is a membership organisation of recreational diver training organisations and is registered in the UK as a Company Limited by Guarantee; it is a non-profit company with no shares or paid directors.