The EUF brochure is available for multi-lingual download for EUF members via the links below.

The brochure is designed to be printed as a three-fold A4 flyer with the explanatory text panels on one side and the ‘poster’ image on the reverse.

This design enables it to be also used in single-side surface display mode.

The downloads are in Adobe PDF format, for a free copy of Adobe PDF Acrobat Reader please visit

Please click on the link you require:

EUF CB 2012 Danish Brochure – Danish

EUF CB 2012 Dutch Brochure – Dutch

EUF CB 2012 English Brochure – English

EUF CB 2012 Estonian Brochure – Estonian

EUF CB 2012 Finnish Brochure – Finnish 

EUF CB 2012 French Brochure – French

EUF CB 2012 German Brochure – German

EUF CB 2012 Italian Brochure – Italian

EUF CB 2012 Norwegian Brochure – Norwegian

EUF CB 2012 Russian Brochure – Russian

EUF CB 2012 Spanish Brochure – Spanish

EUF CB 2012 Swedish Brochure – Swedish