Jack Lavanchy

Award Criteria

The EUF Lavanchy Award is presented by the European Underwater Federation. The award is presented to honour the vision of diving pioneer Jack Lavanchy, a former Life Honorary Vice President of the EUF, who was personally instrumental in the initial development and growth of European recreational diving. During his lifetime, Jack strived tirelessly to persuade the members of the diving community to work together for the good of the sport and the benefit of divers everywhere.

The Lavanchy Award is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant and sustained contribution toward the responsible development of the European diving community. The award is usually presented at the Dusseldorf Boot show in January of each year. Nominations for the award must be submitted to the Secretary General of the EUF by the 15th of November of the previous year. Nominations must be made by email using the nomination form and sent to secgen@euf.eu.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • The individual should have made a significant contribution to the European sport-diving community
  • The nominee’s actions should have generally encouraged cooperation within the community and have consistently shown a willingness to advance the sport 
  • The nominee may have been employed in the diving industry or contributed voluntarily
  • The award is generally made to a single person, however, it might be awarded to a small team who consistently worked together for the benefit of the sport diving community
  • The nominee cannot be an organisation or company 
  • The nominee shall be living or, exceptionally, recently deceased
  • The nominee can be of any nationality, age or sex

The candidates for a particular year will first be screened as suitable by the EUF Board, and then voted on by the members of the EUF. 

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