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Certified training agencies

Many diver training organisations have been independently audited to confirm that they comply with the ISO standards for recreational diving by EUF Certification International.

Anyone can check the database to see if a training organisation is currently approved.

To so, follow these steps:
  1. Visit this link:…/certificate-database;
  2. Select the righthand button: “Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Managementsysteme, Überwachungszertifikate gemäß DSGVO Art. 40” (Products, Services, Management systems, Certificates of monitoring acc. to GDPR Art. 40);
  3. Enter one of the following ISO standards in the “Standard” field and click the “SEARCH” button.

    • ISO 13289 (Snorkelling Excursions);
    • ISO 13970 (Snorkeling guide);

    • ISO 11121 (Introductory training programmes to scuba diving);
    • ISO 24801-1 (Supervised Diver);
    • ISO 24801-2 (Autonomous Diver);

    • ISO 24801-3 (Dive Leader);
    • ISO 24802-1 (Scuba instructor: Level 1);
    • ISO 24802-2 (Scuba instructor: Level 2);

    • ISO 11107 (Enriched air nitrox (EAN) diving).
    • ISO 13293 (Gas Blender);

    • ISO 24803 (Recreational Scuba Diving Service Provider);

All the currently approved training organisations for that ISO level will then be listed.


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